Windsurfing is a water sport that combines elements of surfing and sailing. The equipment includes a board with a sail, powered by wind, attached to a free-moving mast. The surfer holds a horizontal boom and moves the sail to catch the wind. Windsurfing is predominately undertaken on a non-competitive basis. Organised competition does take place at all levels across the world and typical formats for competitive windsurfing include Formula Windsurfing, speed sailing, slalom, course racing, wave sailing, superX, and freestyle. These events are exciting to watch as surfers push the limits both physically and creatively with moves that look impossible.

Common Windsurfing Injuries

The main physical skills required are balance and stamina, rather than brute force. It is good for strengthening the core as the whole body is used to balance and maneuver the sail rigging and steer. Windsurfing also provides a good cardio vascular workout and has many mental health benefits too. Although windsurfing is generally low risk, when injuries do occur they can be severe. Common injuries are skin damage, direct impact injuries (from a fall off the board), back injuries - particularly muscle and disc injuries, sprains and fractures - particularly the ankle and foot and dislocated shoulders.

Sports Insurance Policies available for Windsurfers

Sports Accident Insurance for Windsurfing

General & Medical via Sportsinsurance4u can offer you a comprehensive range of windsurfing accident insurance providing cash benefits for sports injuries such as breaks and dislocations, as well as income protection and disablement cover. Cover is also available for accidental injury whilst travelling to and from a training session or competition or whilst on an organised tour. Sports Accident Insurance is only available for amateurs.

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Sports Health Insurance for Windsurfing

Our Sports Health Insurance for semi-professional and professional windsurfers offers all the standard benefits of Private Health Insurance along with important cover for sports related injuries.

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As an alternative for amateur windsurfers, General & Medical can also offer Private Health Insurance for you and your family, whether you are on a budget or whether you are looking for the most comprehensive levels of protection.

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