A triathlon is typically a multi-stage competition, which can vary in terms of which 3 sports are in the make up. The most common form of triathlon is made up of swimming, running and cycling. Each stage has to be done in succession of the previous one over varying distances. It is thought that the triathlon style was developed in France in the 1920s but had slight variances on the sports involved. 

The International Triathlon Union (ITU) was founded in 1989 as the international governing body of the sport, with the chief goal, at that time, of putting triathlon on the Olympic program, which it now is. The sport made its debut on the Olympic program at the Sydney Games in 2000 over the Olympic Distance (swim: 1,500 m (1,600 yd) – bike: 40 km (24.9 mi) – run: 10 km (6.2 mi).

Due to a triathlon containing three different sports, anyone taking part is guaranteed to be getting an all-over body work out that will tone the legs through cycling and running, and the arms and upper body through swimming. However, to be successful at triathlon, you also need to have a strong core.

Triathlon injuries

A triathlon does not come without risks associated with it though. The most common form of injury is overuse, repeatedly stressing the muscles, tendons and tissues causing repetitive micro trauma. The most common affected areas are knees, ankles & shoulders.

Triathlon Insurance cover options

Sports Accident Insurance

General & Medical Healthcare via Sportsinsurance4u offer a comprehensive range of triathlon accident insurance which pays a cash lump sum upon death or in the event of serious injury such as loss of limb, sight or hearing whilst taking part in a triathlon.

This triathlon accident insurance also pays cash lump sums if you suffer from broken bones, dislocations or torn ligaments whilst participating in a triathlon. Significantly this triathlon accident insurance can provide a level of income protection that pays a monthly benefit for up to six months if you are unable to work due to an injury sustained whilst participating in a triathlon.

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Sports Health Insurance

Our Sports Health Insurance for people participating in triathlons offers all of the standard benefits of Private Health Insurance along with important cover for sports related injuries.

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As an alternative, General & Medical can also offer Private Health Insurance to people who participate in a triathlon, whether that is for recreation or sport. Their wide range of Private Health Insurance products offer cover whether you are on a budget or whether you are looking for the most comprehensive levels of protection and there is even protection for professional participants.

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