A trek is a long, adventurous journey undertaken on foot in areas where common means of transport are generally not available. It requires a lot of trekking equipment and a good backpack is essential as well as a good rain coat. The most useful items of trekking equipment are touchwood, rope, snacks, drinks, tent, pocket knife, boots, whistle (if you are in danger).

Trekking Injuries

Whilst trekking may be strenuous it has many health benefits and trekking tours can make enjoyable trips. Climbing, dodging boulders or running is common while on hiking and trekking tours, which all contribute to building good muscle strength, stamina and endurance.

Most minor injuries occur while walking downhill; knee strains are common, especially among trekkers carrying their own packs. Good, supportive boots reduce the risk of ankle sprains or twists, but these are still common injuries in trekking. A walking stick or hiking pole can help support the most injury prone areas of the body. Other common trekking injuries are things like blisters, sore hips cuts and bruises.

Insurance for Trekking in the UK

Sportsinsurance4u offers a variety of trekking insurance plans.

Sports Accident Insurance

General & Medical via Sportsinsurance4u can offer you a comprehensive range of trekking personal accident insurance providing cash benefits for sports injuries such as breaks and dislocations, as well as income protection and disablement cover. Cover is also available for accidental injury whilst travelling to and from a training session, competition or whilst on an organised tour.

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Sports Health Insurance

Our Sports Health Insurance for people participating in trekking offers all of the standard benefits of Private Health Insurance along with important cover for sports related injuries.

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As an alternative for people participating in trekking, General & Medical can also offer Private Health Insurance for you and your family, whether you are on a budget or whether you are looking for the most comprehensive levels of protection.

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