Why Sports Accident Cover

Only when the dust from the heat of competition settles, do most people, if they have been injured, turn their thoughts to what happens next in their life beyond their chosen sport. Will you have to take time off work and will your income cover any outgoings should this be necessary?

What if you are self employed? What if your injury prevents you from working? These are important things to consider. It only takes a split second on the field of play to pick up a sports injury that could prevent you from working. With Sports Accident Insurance cover in place you can alleviate the effects of a loss of income.

General & Medical Sports Accident Insurance for individuals or teams can provide cover for injuries such as torn ligaments or a broken leg while playing sport.

Even if you are able to work, what if you require physiotherapy? Wouldn’t it be good to know that your Sports Accident Insurance cover is there to help lessen the financial sting?

Please take the time to read about the choices available so that you get cover you need. If you have any questions at all, please call us: 0800 980 4601. We’re here to help.