At General & Medical we believe in making things as simple as possible to ensure that you fully understand every aspect of your Sports Accident Insurance. Sports Accident covers amateur activities. Professionals are not eligible to take out our Sports Accident Insurance. For the purposes of Sports Accident Insurance, we class professionals as those earning more than £10,000 per year from participation in their sport. We cover individuals and teams including referees and match officials.

Risk Categories for Different Sports

The type of sport you choose to participate in will affect your Sports Accident Insurance premium so, with this in mind we have a risk rating system. Different factors such as the levels of contact involved influence the risk, so we use our risk rating system to help us price fairly for any given sport. We also take into account the number of team members to be covered allowing us to offer reduced Sports Accident Insurance premiums to bigger teams.

We rate sports from 1 - 4. Low risk sports (Category 1) include Golf or Jogging whereas sports such as Skiing or Skydiving would be considered higher risk and therefore rated as Category 4.

If you participate in more than one sport we will base your premium on the sport with the higher risk category, making you eligible for cover in all sports of the same risk category or lower.

To find the category of your chosen sport, please view our Sports Accident Risk Categories.

Employment Classes

If you are an individual sports player and choose our Sports Accident Plus or Sports Accident Elite covers, the premium you pay will, in part, depend on your occupation. We divide various types of occupation into the 4 classes shown below.

  • A. Office based occupations, unemployed, retired e.g. Administrative, managerial, clerical roles, doctors, company directors, retired.
  • B. Supervision of manual work, light manual work e.g. Building surveyors, nurses, factory foreman, armed forces, teachers.
  • C. Travelling sales, manual work, tradesmen and the self employed (if not in class D) e.g. Butchers, electricians, plumbers, plasterers, mechanics, joiners.
  • D. Drivers, heavy manual work e.g. Lorry drivers, taxi drivers, farm workers, plant drivers, builders, fisherman.

Each class is designed to reflect the impact of a sports injury on your ability to return to work, resulting in a loss of earnings. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions, which can be found in the policy document called ‘the Guide to your Sports Accident Scheme’ as some occupations may have limits imposed for Temporary Total Disablement.

If you are unsure which employment class applies to you, please contact us.