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Rate guaranteed for two years
The annual premium for policies taken out by players aged 25 and under may be agreed at a fixed rate, subject to annual policy re-signing. A medical form is not required in the second year, saving you time. Terms and conditions apply.

Rehabilitation Injuries
Elixir will offer cover for claims occurring on a repeat injury where the initial injury was treated sufficiently to enable rehabilitation back into the game. If the injury should reoccur following the rehabilitation, subsequently becoming career ending, our policy will offer benefit for this.

Notification period of 24 months
There is a 24-month period within which a policyholder can be declared as permanently total disabled, starting from the date the injury or illness occurred. Subject to a prior agreement, this window can be extended.

Proportional benefit clause
Subject to any medical exclusion(s), if a prior physical disability or condition aggravated a career ending injury, a benefit may still be payable. The amount of any benefit payable shall be the amount reasonably considered would have been payable if the injury wasn’t aggravated by the pre-existing condition.

We always focus on certifying minimal medical exclusions which may affect our clients’ policies. In the event that a medical exclusion does apply, we also reserve the right to request insurers to review the exclusions(s) at any point during the policy period.

Comprehensive coverage
The coverage is not subject to any jurisdiction or boundary. Professional players are even covered if on international duty.


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