Paragliding is a recreational and competitive all year round sport. For maximum comfort the pilot sits in a harness and manipulates the wing to soar upwards on currents of air. Its possible to stay aloft for hours, climb to elevations of 15,000ft and travel vast distances, although 1-2 hours and distances of some tens of kilometres are more the norm.

Paragliding Injuries and Safety

Paragliding, like any other extreme sport, is a potentially dangerous activity, but significant improvements to reduce major injuries have been made in recent years. Things like weather conditions, gliding path and competence and health of the pilot all need to be taken into consideration prior to flight commencing. The potential for injury when paragliding can be significantly reduced by training and risk management. The use of proper equipment such as a wing designed for the pilots size and skill level, as well as helmet, reserve parachute, and cushioned harness. Many accidents are the result of a combination of pilot error and poor flying conditions.

Sports Insurance Policies available for Paragliding

Sports Accident Insurance for Paragliders

General & Medical via Sportsinsurance4u can offer you a comprehensive range of paragliding accident insurance providing cash benefits for sports injuries such as breaks and dislocations, as well as income protection and disablement cover. Cover is also available for accidental injury whilst travelling to and from a training session or competition or whilst on an organised tour.

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Sports Health Insurance for Paragliders

Our Sports Health Insurance for semi-professional and professional paragliders offers all the standard benefits of Private Health Insurance along with important cover for sports related injuries.

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As an alternative for amateur paragliders, General & Medical can also offer Private Health Insurance for you and your family, whether you are on a budget or whether you are looking for the most comprehensive levels of protection.

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