Paintball was created in 1981 by two friends in the USA and then the next year the first outdoor commercial paintball field opened and the first national competition was played. Players in paintball can either compete as individuals or as a team to eliminate opponents by tagging them with a paintball. It can be seen as an advanced combination of children’s games ‘tag’ and ‘hide and seek’. If a team game is to be played, it is like a version of ‘capture the flag’.

Although usually seen as a dangerous sport, or a game that can cause pain, there is very little injury actually caused by Paintball. Research conducted estimates there are only 45 paintball injuries per 100,000 participants per year and is actually less dangerous than sports such as golf or football. Research also states that most paintball injuries caused are incidental to outdoor physical activity, such as trips causing sprains.

One of the more serious injuries that can take place affects the eye and can be as serious as loss of vision. However, these only happen where protective equipment such as masks were not enforced or the player did not use them properly.

Health Benefits of Paintball

Paintball has the same health benefits as quite a few outdoor activities. It involves a lot of movement, usually in sharp bursts to find the ‘enemy’, which improves the cardiovascular system. As well as running, there is the thrill of the game that increases the heart rate and the release of chemicals like endorphins to boost mood levels. As the game changes each time it is played, it will not lose its effectiveness for health benefits.

Paintball Insurance

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Sports Accident Insurance for Paintball

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Sports Health Insurance for Paintball

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