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Increase your fitness and get motivated at the gym

Increase your fitness and get motivated at the gym

Everyone wants to be able to wake up early every morning and head straight to the gym for a good workout. But realistically, we don’t feel motivated all the time and let’s face it, life can often get in the way of our desired intentions. Here are a few ways you can increase your fitness levels and get motivated at the gym!

Think about the health benefits for the good of your future

Adults should aim to achieve 150 minutes of physical activity over the course of a week to keep us healthy. Incorporating regular physical fitness into our everyday lives will help reduce the risk of developing chronic medical issues including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer and stroke by up to 50%.

Looking after your health and wellbeing should be at the top of your list of priorities and it’s not difficult to do so. Exercise has always been about, it’s not a new trend that has made an appearance but we quite often put too much pressure on ourselves, when in actual fact, any activity that raises your heart rate, makes you breathe faster and heats you up is enough to benefit your health!

The benefits

So we know keeping fit is good for us outside, but it’s also good for us mentally, helping to:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Boost your mood
  • Improve your memory
  • Feel calm
  • Enhance body image and self-confidence

Don’t make it a chore, find the fun in keeping fit

Evidence shows that keeping active by regularly exercising can help you live a happier and healthy lifestyle. The first step is to find something you enjoy doing, there’s no use forcing yourself to lift weights or run on the treadmill if you don’t enjoy it!

If you don’t fancy going to the gym and working out on your own, join a group workout session like Jazzercise or Zumba. Group workouts are a great way of exercising and having fun because the instructor will be able to show you the correct moves and you have the support of others in the group.

So why should you go to the gym?

Yes, there are treadmills, cross-trainers, weights and exercise bikes among many other pieces of exercise equipment, but gyms also offer additional support and facilities including group exercise classes, access to personal trainers and specially designed plans to keep you on track. Did you know that Sportsinsurance4u have teamed up with Nuffield Health to offer 20% off a Health Gym Membership when you take out a sports accident or sports health insurance policy with us? You’ll be able to access over 110 Nuffield Health gyms across the UK and make use of all their services including group exercise classes, swimming pools, physiotherapists and more!

Gives you a routine – Fitting a gym session into your daily or weekly routine will allow you to plan ahead and prepare yourself for travelling to the gym. It will also allow you to fit in other activities in the day. Having a routine is beneficial for your mental wellbeing too, making you feel in control of your life.

Want to create the perfect morning routine for a great day? You’ll find plenty of tips and advice in the following blog post.

Get your exercise out of the way – if you go to the gym and spend 30-60 minutes working out, you won’t have to do any other exercise for the rest of the day! Even better, if you go early in the morning, you’ll have the rest of the day clear!

You’ll feel great! – Any form of exercise is great, but if you’re following a workout video at home you might be more tempted to cut your exercise short or end up sitting down and just watching the instructor on the TV. By getting up and going to the gym will make you feel good knowing you’ve had a full workout, rather than bending the truth about following a video from start to finish.

What can you do to boost your motivation?

  • Treat yourself after you complete a workout, give yourself something to look forward to.
  • Switch up your exercise plan – try to incorporate a variety of different activities into your fitness regime, try dancing one day to aerobics or running the next.
  • Create an amazing playlist filled with all your favourite songs to keep you moving.
  • Track your progress – if you see an improvement in your own body, you will know the exercise is working and this will encourage you to keep going until you reach your goal.
  • Pace yourself – there’s nothing worse than feeling completely exhausted knowing you have to do it all over again tomorrow. Listen to your body and give yourself time to recover.
  • Don’t go it alone! Workout with a friend and you’ll be able to motivate one another.

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