Handball, also known as Team Handball and Olympic Handball, began in the late nineteenth century in Denmark. It is still primarily popular in Scandinavian Countries. The Handball attendance record was for the Danish Cup Final in 2011 when a crowd of 36,651 watched a game in the Parken Stadium, Copenhagen.

The International Handball Federation (IHF) was founded in 1946 and there are now 174 members in the confederation. The popularity has now spread from continental Europe and is now also popular in the Far East, North Africa and Brazil.

Handball games last for two periods of 30 minutes each, between two handball teams of 6 outfield players and a goalkeeper. When receiving the ball players within 3 steps must either shoot or pass the ball. After 3 seconds/3 steps the player must dribble the ball. The winning team is the team who manages to score most goals.

Common Handball Injuries

Handball is fun and healthy but doesn't come without its risks. The greatest risks associated with playing handball are ligament injuries, sprained fingers, ankle, knee, and hamstring injuries.

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