There are over sixty million golfers in the world. Some three quarters are male and an estimated 30% are over the age of 65. Golf can have a variety of different scoring methods from Stroke Play to Match Play. Golf is played on a course of either 9 or 18 holes and each golf course can vary quite significantly dependent on area and level of difficulty being attained.

Golf has strict rules and regulations in place and there are certain levels of etiquette players are expected to follow ranging from safety, fairness and pace of play. The major tournaments played in Golf are The Masters, The US Open and the PGA Championship.

Common Golf Injuries

Golf has many health benefits, as it is a demanding sport requiring athletic ability, strength, endurance, strategy and mental toughness. Golfers can quite often walk about 5 miles in a normal course of 18 holes.

In a British study of 163 amateur golfers, 57% had suffered some form of golf injury in a single year. There are three types of common golf injuries. An injury may be due to an external factor such as being hit by an errant golf ball or struck by a person swinging a golf club. Falls due to uneven ground, steep banks or even putting a foot in a hole, are not unusual. Men most frequently suffer from back or lower limb problems, which are particularly common in professional golfers, Seve Ballesteros and Tiger Woods are typical examples. A shoulder injury usually involves a torn rotator cuff or tendon injury to the biceps or subscapularis muscles. In contrast women seem to be prone to wrist or arm injuries, such as tennis or golfer’s elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome or wrist impaction.

Insurance for individual golf players and clubs

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Sports Accident Insurance

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