Fencing is the activity of fighting with blades, known as fencing swords. The most common version of fencing, called Olympic or competitive fencing, is divided into three weapon categories: foil, sabre and epee. Foil is a light, thrusting weapon that targets the torso but not the arms or legs and touches are scored only with the tip if the blade. Epee is a thrusting weapon like the foil but is heavier.

The entire body is a target, including the hand. Like the foil, all hits must be with the tip and not the side of the fencing sword. Sabre fencing uses a light cutting and thrusting weapon that targets the entire body above the waist. Hits with the edges or tip of the blade are valid. Competitive fencing is one of five activities that have featured at every one of the modern Olympic Games.

Health Benefits of Fencing

When learning the skills of attacking and defending in fencing, participants develop good coordination, balance and flexibility. Fencing is a quick sport, which means it is good cardiovascular exercise and improves oxygen flow around the body. It is an aerobic activity so it strengthens the heart and lungs. Fencing is also good for toning and conditioning the body and improving muscle strength, especially in the arms.

Common Fencing Injuries

Fencing involves quick footwork and lunging so it is very common to suffer minor muscle strains in the hamstring or quadriceps muscles. A fencing lunge can result in an impact equivalent to seven times the body weight on the lead foot. The repetition of the jabbing motion can also have a risk of overuse injury in the arm such as elbow tendonitis. Any injury that can result from overextension or twisting of a joint is much more common than being stabbed. Some specific fencing injuries may include ankle sprains or fractures, Achilles tendon rupture or meniscal tears.

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