Basketball has seen a substantial increase in player participation since the London Olympics, with over 300,000 playing at least once a month, and over 170,000 taking part on a weekly basis, this represents a rise of over 16% since the Olympics.

There are many techniques in basketball games for shooting, passing, dribbling and rebounding. Basketball has specialized player positions and offensive and defensive structures (player positioning). Typically, the tallest and strongest members of a team will play the centre or power forward positions, while slightly shorter and more agile players will play small forward, and the shortest players or those who possess the best ball handling skills and speed play point guard or shooting guard.

Common Basketball Injuries

The most common Basketball injuries are Knee, Achilles, Shoulder, Fingers and Ankle sprains.

Basketball Insurance Plans

Sportsinsurance4u offers a wide variety of plans, from individual basketball player insurance to basketball team insurance.

Sports Accident Insurance

General & Medical via Sportsinsurance4u can offer you a comprehensive range of basketball accident insurance providing cash benefits for sports injuries such as breaks and dislocations, as well as income protection and disablement cover. Cover is also available for accidental injury whilst travelling to and from a scheduled match, training session or competition or whilst on an organised tour.

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Sports Health Insurance

Our Sports Health Insurance for semi-professional and professional basketball players offers all of the standard benefits of Private Health Insurance along with important cover for sports related injuries.

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As an alternative for amateur basketball players, General & Medical can also offer Private Health Insurance for you and your family, whether you are on a budget or whether you are looking for the most comprehensive levels of protection.

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