Athletics, or track and field sports, are collectively the oldest organised sport known to man. Originating from the most basic of human activities associated with survival, such as running, jumping and throwing, athletics has remained a truly universal sport that is participated in competitively throughout the world.

The Olympic Games originated in the region of Olympia, Greece in around 776 BC and continued for a further eleven centuries until its gradual demise by around 393 AD. It was notably a male-exclusive activity and participants from all walks of life were entitled to enter, however only unmarried women were allowed to attend as spectators. A separate women-only event, the Heraea Games, were held every four years, as are today’s Olympic Games. Modern-day athletic sports include running, sprinting, hurdles, high and long jump, discus, shot put and javelin.

Health Benefits of Athletics

The health benefits of regular participation in athletic sports are well documented and include a greatly reduced risk of developing chronic disease including diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease. Regular participation has also been shown to increase bone density, protecting against osteoporosis, lessen the risk of depression and obesity and a decline in cognitive function, all factors associated with a sedentary population.

In addition, there are also mental health benefits associated with athletics, particularly for competitive athletes, since both mental and physical endurance is required in order to push beyond personal goals and challenges, with the aim of continually surpassing and improving on personal best. The basic act of running is said to help clear the mind, particularly important for assimilating what is for many a highly stressful daily schedule.

Common Athletics Injuries

Personal injuries associated with athletics are relatively common, understandably when the very nature of the sport involves pushing the human body to its maximum.

Common injuries for athletes include tendon rupture, tendonitis, muscle pain and strains, muscle tears, joint problems and knee ligament injuries, many of which could stop you competing and in the worst case scenario, involve surgery and recovery time and a subsequent loss of income.

Athletic Insurance Plans

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Sports Accident Insurance

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Sports Health Insurance

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