American Football

What is American Football

Known simply as ‘football’ in its birthplace, the United States, this American sport has grown in popularity internationally in recent years. The sport, commonly referred to in the UK as American Football and sometimes Gridiron, evolved in the US in the late 1800s, a unique combination of the British sport rugby and traditional football.

In the UK, American Football has encountered a surge of interest in recent years, both in terms of players and viewers. Popular in the 1980s, interest in the sport declined in the UK during the 1990s, but more recently there has been a renewed national interest. The Super Bowl, America’s biggest sporting event, attracted a UK audience of 4.3 million in 2014 and the official UK website for the sport, NFL UK, currently has over 350,000 registered members.

More people may be watching American Football on UK television, but more are also playing it. With the emergence of numerous leagues and clubs across the country for both men and women, amateur participation is estimated to have increased by around 15% since 2007.

The game is played between two teams consisting of 11 players on each side, and each player is assigned a uniform number between 1 and 99, which is displayed in large digits on the back and also the front of the player’s shirt. In this way the player can be easily identified since the distinctive helmet and body armour tends to obscure other distinguishing factors.

Health benefits of playing American Football

Regular training for and participation in intensive sports such as American Football dramatically improves muscle strength, particularly to the upper body but also to the thigh and calf muscles. Regular players will also benefit from high levels of endurance and stamina in addition to the numerous benefits of improved cardiovascular health, including improved circulation, metabolic function, energy levels and optimal blood pressure.

Common injuries in American Football

American Football is a full contact or collision sport, where a player exerts powerful physical force on opponents in order to meet the objectives of the game – to score or to prevent the opponent team from achieving a score. Such contact can include hitting, full-body blocking and tackling and for this reason on-field injuries are common. A tackle from an experienced player can deliver half a ton of force to an opponent, so correct defensive posture at the moment of impact is crucial in order to evenly distribute the blow and thereby avoid any serious injury during play.

According to the US Center for Sports Medicine, the top ten most likely injuries in the sport are sprained ligaments, concussion, torn ligaments, major bruising, muscle strains (most commonly hamstring or quadricep), fractures, nerve damage, torn cartilage and lacerations.

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