What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is a sport in which participants eliminate opponents by hitting each other with non-metallic pellets fired from Airsoft guns, originated in Japan in the late 1970's. The guns came to the UK in the 1980's and were sold in pieces to be assembled before they could fire pellets. They have since been adapted for purely recreational purposes and one of the first airsoft playing fields was set up in 1996 in Reading.

There are three basic rules of airsoft:

1) Only airsoft guns are allowed in play. Some countries or groups will have a legal limit on the power of the guns and these must be adhered to.

2) All airsoft players must wear eye protection and, if playing professionally, a full face mask must be worn. Any eye wear not designed specifically for use with airsoft guns may break upon being struck and cause damage to the eyes.

3) If struck by the pellet of an airsoft gun, the player is ‘hit’ or ‘killed’ and out of the game. A player must call “HIT!” and leave the playing area with their gun in the air to wait in the safe-zone.

Health Benefits of Airsoft

Airsoft has many physical health benefits. Most obviously, the actions of running, ducking, dodging, hiding, shooting, and jumping are fantastic cardiovascular exercises. It is also good for building coordination and body control skills from activities like learning how to aim and shoot while hiding behind cover. Airsoft is also good for building endurance.

Common Airsoft Injuries

Although protective equipment is highly recommended in order to prevent airsoft injuries, they do still occur. The most common types of airsoft injury are to the eye and bruising from the pellets. Other injuries can be muscle and ligament strain from running and moving quickly.

If the correct safety gear is not worn when playing, there could be eye injuries. Some masks are made with mesh screens which are often preferable to those who wear prescription eyewear as it increases ventilation.

A pellet could possibly shatter on impact against a mesh mask and fragments could pass through but prescription lenses can provide additional protection against this. Thick protective outfits are suggested to be worn as it prevents a pellet from having direct contact with the skin. However, the airsoft guns can still cause welts but they cannot cause serious harm.

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