Sports Accident Insurance

Our Sports Accident Insurance has been designed for amateur sports enthusiasts to provide some financial benefit to you in the event of an injury occurring whilst you are participating in your chosen sport.

We've made it easy for sports players and teams to get a quick, no-obligation quote and by applying online we guarantee our lowest premiums. If you would like us to prepare a quote for you, please call us to discuss your requirements.
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What is Sports Accident Insurance?

Sports are enjoyed by millions of people across the UK. Suffering and injury that stops your participation in your chosen sport is bad enough but sometimes there can be repercussions beyond sport such as loss of income. Sports Accident Insurance could help with those unexpected costs and give some peace of mind so that you can focus on getting back in the game.

We created this very affordable personal accident cover for people like you because we are serious about sport and those who play it. Cover is provided for accidental injury whilst you are playing, practicing or training as well as travelling to and from a scheduled match, training session or competition or whilst on an organised tour.

Please take the time to read about the options available and get a quick quote, or call us to discuss your individual requirements.